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Get an ODIN Works XMR GEN II and a Teal Blue Bravo PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release in one convenient package.

Technical Specs
Color choices only apply to the ODIN Works XMR.

Compatible with BAD Lever .1 oz (including paddle, button, and screws).
Large surface area for quick magazine reloads.
Easy to reach.
Ergonomic design.
Release magazine without changing grip or position.
Contoured for positive depression and reduced slip.
PDQ (pretty damn quick) Ambi-bolt release puts the operator in control of the firing grip at all times.
The trigger finger moves from trigger, to mag release, to bolt release smoothly without moving the weapon from the shoulder.
Military grade steel.
Hardened and Mil Spec 8526 Class 3 type 2 coated.
Requires light machining to install.
For more information and installation instructions check out Teal Blue Bravo at