A2 Stippled Grip –  $35

Specialty Designs- $50-$80 Depending on options

Pistol – (M&P, Glock, XD, Sig, ECT)

Basic – Remove factory side panel texture, blend into factory frame, and apply the stippling texture of your choice. Stippling will be on the side panels, finger groove area and back strap only.  Your choice of texture. $99

Intermediate — Remove factory side panel texture and blend into factory frame.  Reshape side panels, back strap, and finger grooves.   Double Trigger Guard undercuts.  Accelerator Cut on left with thumb shelf for forward frame control.  Stipple side panels, back strap, and finger groove areas in texture of your choice/ $149

Specialty Designs- Kryptek, Flag, designs, stencils.Pretty much what you want is what you get with this package. – $200